Sailing into The Future with Digital Activities

Don’t Throw the Teacher Overboard

Digital activities, paperless classrooms, Google Classroom, 1:1 classrooms.  Everywhere teachers are being encouraged to use more digital activities with their students. I think that used properly these devices can be very useful to teachers and students. Teachers should be supported in using digital activities.  Teachers know their students’ needs better than anyone. There are things to remember when planning to use digital activities.
1. There must be a balance.  Students need to write with and without devices. Students need to learn to think, communicate, and use social skills. Students also need to use digital devices.
2. Digital activities help teachers to differentiate instruction. For example, some students may be ready for a math activity in October and others or not ready for the same activity until December.  With a library of digital activities from which to choose, it is easier for teachers to meet the needs of students.
3. Having a variety of activities in different themes allows teachers to assign activities that match their students’ interests.
4. Digital activities help students in intervention groups and special education.
5. Digital activities promote engagement with learning.
6. Digital activities are interactive.
7. Digital activities will work best when teachers have the ability to choose the activities that will best meet the needs of their students.
Learning Harbor Resources for Teachers is proud to share that we are currently working on increasing lines of digital activities including interactive Google Slides, and Google Slides with moveable pieces, for use with Google Classroom as well as interactive PowerPoint games, and Boom Learning Activities.  
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