Do you have a goal?

Have you ever thought about selling teaching resources on Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook but don’t know where to start? Let’s talk about Business Goals. That's right, a business goal. What is a business goal you may ask? The goal plan is a detailed outline of how you are going to get your business going and making a profit as quickly as possible.  If you were asked to describe a goal, could you do that in less than 10 words? Let me help you. A goal is a dream that is written down. To make it even more to the point, the goal must be SMART. If you were to say your goal is to earn $20,000 in a year selling online digital products, that is a dream and to make it a goal you should write it down and how you are going to achieve that goal. The following is a guide to help you realize your goals. 

I said your goals must be SMART. What that means is that each goal should be:
Specific.            What will the goal accomplish? Why and how will it be accomplished?
Measurable.       How will you measure if your goal has been reached? 
Achievable.        Is it possible? Do I have the necessary knowledge and resource to accomplish
               the goal? Can I meet the goal without defeating myself?
Results.              What is the result of the goal? (Not the activities leading up to the result.)
Time sensitive.   What is the established completion date? Does this date create a reasonable
                            sense of urgency?

The writing of S.M.A.R.T. goals is very important for accomplishing individual goals. Your goal is what you want it to be. There is no reason to compare or measure your goal with someone else’s goal. Remember you only should be better today than you were yesterday.  I hope this helps you with growing and succeeding in your business. 

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