Burst into song!  Kids don’t care if you can’t sing.  Go ahead and sing like no one is listening.  Actually sing WHEN no one is listening!  Teach your students calls to attention that are based on songs.  For example, in December you might sing Fa La La La La and the kids would sing La La La La , then everyone would put one finger on their finger on their lips and very softly.  This works even during the last week before Winter Break.

Singing during transition times works wonders. Sing directions to a familiar tune.  I know a teacher who sang “Chair helper, chair helper, put up the chairs” to the tune of a song from Fiddler on the Roof.  Use a small part of the melody from a song that you love and substitute your own directions for the lyrics.

Sing to start your day.  There is time to work a song or two into your morning routine.

Sing to teach concepts. Kids retain more when they sing, whether they are singing about math, literacy, science or social studies concepts.

Sing to celebrate the little achievements.  If your goal is for a student to read 50 sight words, and the student meets the goal. Sing – Who can read 50 words?  Liam can read 50 words.   50 Words! 50 Words!  Hurray for Liam! You don’t have to disrupt instruction do this.  Do it at the end of the day or just before recess.

If you really don’t want to sing, chant.  Kids love to chant and chanting also improves learning and retention.

Along with singing a capella style, you may want to use music from a cd or from a computer. My favorite cd and digital downloads are by Dr. Jean Feldman.  She has songs for language, math, science, and social studies concepts, and for brain breaks.  You and your kids can sing along.

Singing improves your breathing and lifts your mood. Sing, chant, or sing along.  You can’t go wrong when your teach with a song.


  1. Thanks for reminding me that I should sing more songs with my kids during school time. Thanks.

  2. Hi there, singing is so much fun. Sometimes the kids just start singing and I join right in.


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