Turn Around Facts Commutative Property

This is a Learning Harbor Resources Lifesaver Activity. It is super quick and easy prep. All cutting is on a straight line. If you laminate the cards they can be used for years.  An answer key, recording sheet, and directions sign are included.  Signs and cards are included in both color and black & white.

The student choose a card and looks at the equation. He finds the matching box on the recording sheet and writes the equation that is the turn around fact. A turn around fact demonstrates the commutative property of addition.

If you are looking to increase your teaching resources without increasing your expenses this and other Learning Harbor Resources for Teachers Lifesaver Activities. All the Learning Harbor Resources for Teachers Lifesaver Activities are designed to provide affordable educational activites. Click here to see more of this activity. Many other Learning Harbor Resources Lifesaver Activities can be found at Learning Harbor Resources for Teachers on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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