"Summertime and the living is easy."  I love those lyrics from the song, "Summertime," by George Gershwin.  The living can be easier for teachers during summer break.  However it is important to remember that summer is not one long paid holiday.  Teachers who get checks during the summer have already earning that money during the previous school year.  

Many teachers take part time jobs during the summer to earn extra money.  Some teachers work in retail.  Cheryl enjoyed working at a Disney Store when we lived in TX.  For her, the perks were fantastic.  As a life long Disney fan, she loved earning discounts on tickets to Disney parks and at Disney resort hotels.

Many teachers work at clothing stores to earn discounts on fashion for themselves or their children, or at gyms to help pay for memberships for their families.  One of Cheryl's teacher friends worked at a movie theater because she loved earning a little extra money and being able to see the summer blockbusters.  If you would like to work during the summer, try to find something you truly enjoy.

 Many teachers like to devote extra time and attention to their families during the summer. This does not have to be expensive.  Look for local attractions that offer discounts for teachers.  Zoos and museums often offer educator discounts.  Sea World is known for offering teacher discounts.
Discount movies are a great place to spend a couple of hours on a rainy afternoon.

Do the things that you loved as a kid with your kids.  Play putt putt.  Go to a water park.  Go to a local beach. Go on a picnic.  Read good books together.  See an outdoor play.  Attend an outdoor concert,

Most importantly of all take time to enjoy some unstructured time.  Decompress and relax.  Recharge your batteries so you can go back to the new school year with renewed energy.  Don't forget to treat your self to a massage or a manicure.  Do the things that make you feel special.

Have a great summer!

What is your favorite summertime fun?

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