March Math for Basketball Fans

Great teachers make a point of getting to know every student. Great teachers know what their students like and dislike.  Teachers can do this by talking with student and by having students write about what their interests.  This valuable knowledge can be used for choosing guided reading books or read-a-louds.  I know a teacher who used "I Want You to Know" journals. Each morning the journals would be on tables ready for students to use.  Students could draw or write about anything that they wanted their teacher to know.  Students would often write or draw about activities that they loved.  Sports that the students participated in were often a big source of interest.

Do you have young basketball players or fans in your class?  March is a great time to use basketball themed activities.  One of my favorite basketball themed books is Salt in His Shoes:Michael Jordan in Pursuit of a Dream by Deloris Jordan and Roslyn M. Jordan.

How would you like to get your students engaged in any subject and up and moving at the same time?  Students will need whiteboards, wipe of markers, and a sock to use as an eraser.  Divide the students into  two teams.  Have the teams sit in two straight lines.  Put a trash can between the two teams.  Ask any question and have the students respond by writing on their white board.  Pick a student with a correct answer and have him come to a line of tape on the floor and try to throw the basketball into the trash can.  Award the team 2 points for every basket.  Students love this game.

Would you like some math station activities with basketball themes?  Check out this activity in our store. And for kindergarten check out this activity.

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