Our Newest Self Correcting Interactive PowerPoint Activity

Which Fact Does NOT Belong?

Do you struggle with adding rigor to math activities?  Are you limited in making copies?   Do you want an interactive, self correcting game that requires no copying of the game in expensive color ink, no cutting, and no laminating?  Do you want to easily differentiate instruction without using or using fewer worksheets?
This activity can be used with PowerPoint 2010 and newer.  It may be just what you are looking for.

Students love the self correcting feature of this game. When a student clicks on, or touches a correct answer he hears applause and sees a slide that says "Way to Go!".   If a student clicks on or touches an incorrect answer he hears a breaking glass sound and sees a slide with "Oops Better Luck Next Time!".

Once your students have had practice with constructing fact families, take the instruction one step further and have the students find the fact that does not belong.  Learning fact families is often challenging for students.  With this interactive, self correcting PowerPoint Slide Show game, Fact Families Which Fact Does Not Belong, you can easily differentiate instruction for students who have a strong understanding of fact families.

The apple theme is perfect for fall, but this activity could be used any time of year.  There is No Prep needed for this game.  Just download onto your computers and play.  There is a response sheet and an answer key provided. If you choose to use those you will make one copy of the answer sheet, and a class set of  response sheets. There is no copying of the game in expensive color ink, no cutting, and no laminating!  

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