Glorious Spring.. Allergies Everywhere!! What can help.

Achoo!!  Gesundheit!

March 20 was the first day of spring this year. And for many it was the first day of allergy season. Oh yes, the sun crosses the equator, day and night are the same length. Achoo!!
It is the beginning of 2017 allergy season. For years I lived in the Texas Hill County where there are some of the most beautiful natural sights to be seen anywhere. There are trees of every size and shape, and flowers of every color, and there is pollen. There are lots and lots of cedar trees in that part of the country. Every day the news would put up the Daily Pollen Count and at the top is cedar and soon to follow oak. The weather guesser would tell how hot it would be and then tell how many parts per cubic meter of pollen could be found in the air. The allergy became known as Cedar Fever. It is the worst of the worst for allergy sufferers. Many new comers to the area would chuckle and say there is no such thing. Oh, but give it a year and you too would enjoy the Cedar Fever.

What to do??? As for helping yourself, some basic advice is to use a HEPA air purifier. You may need more than one. Try to keep the humidity in your home constant. Once you come indoors change your clothes, the pollen is in the fabric of your clothes and will come in with you. Wash your face and hands. Use a damp cloth and run it over your hair to help remove the pollen. 

In the classroom always wash your hands and face. Use a damp paper towel to wipe your face and pat dry with a clean paper towel. 

See your doctor. The doctor may be able to write a prescription to bring a little relief. In the mean time keep a box of tissues near by. Go outside and enjoy the sights, sounds, and beautiful days of spring. AAAACHOOoooo!  

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