One Thing to Increase Market Traffic

What is the one thing to do to increase market traffic to your site?
Create more fresh, high-quality content for your site.
That’s it.
No tricks, no gimmicks. Just create new product listings, new pagesnew post to your blog, and new images for old and new posts that will inspire Pinners to engage with and save your Pins. The key word here is inspire.
Ideally, you’ll create at least one new piece of content that you can save to Pinterest every single week. Pinterest wants to keep their platform fresh and exciting, and to that end, they’re favoring content Creators who regularly contribute great content. If you are pinning a product you should try to have a minimum of 2 Pins per week. Those 2 Pins can be of the same product, just change the image and/or description for each.
What exactly constitutes high-quality content? It should be:
·         Inspiring
·         Actionable
·         Relevant
·         Search optimized

Tailwind created SmartLoop. SmartLoop is an effective tool for resharing content without relying on a spreadsheet or just randomly re-sharing when you remember to do it. Both methods could have you resharing the same Pin too often.
OK. You ask, “When might you benefit from resharing content to Pinterest?” Here is my best answer.  The best reasons to reshare the same Pin to the same Board are:
1.    Sharing seasonal pins once or twice a year. This can surface seasonal content when it’s most relevant, meaning more engagement and distribution for the content people are ready to act on now.
2.    To engage new followers. Every four to six months, you can save the same Pin to the same Board to surface it in the following tab of your newer audience members. An example would be a winter Pin. Pin to the same board in early fall and again 4 months later
NOTE Resharing content should supplement your other Pinterest activity. Resharing should not replace a significant portion of your organic activity such as sharing your new content and other’s content.
SmartLoop analytics also give you easy access to what is generating engagement as it is reshared. If you see your numbers start to decline, it’s time to create new images for that content!
If you are using SmartLoop as intended, it will not cause you to be suspended. Next week I will go into analytics and what matters to me and why.  In the meantime, happy pinning! 

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