Money and Time, A Great Way to Save Both

Are you struggling to save money on classroom resources? Every year it seems there is always a price increase of classroom consumable resources. That means more money spent by teachers. Do you have missing game pieces? Are the game pieces going home in small pockets and backpacks?
Do you wish there was a way to save lesson prep time? Does it seem there is more time spent preparing a lesson than teaching the lesson? Time that could be spent with your family or doing the things you want.

Take heart, good news is here. Learning Harbor Resources for Teachers has a solution to BOTH problems.  A way to save money and a way to save time. That’s right! Here’s how both problems can be solved by shopping with Learning Harbor® Resources for Teachers. Say you want to teach a math lesson on Adding Two 3 Digit Numbers or you want to help students Identify Positive Behavior Choices.  Both resources are digital. There is no printing, laminating, cutting, or storing!  No expensive ink or storage containers! You just download and teach!  That means little to no classroom expense to you and the time saving prep is minimal.

Money saving and time saving resources, along with other Learning Harbor® Resources for Teachers  can be found at Teacher’s Dojo.

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