Mittens and Polka Dot Addition Within 10

Are you looking for time saving, addition within 10 activities to use with Google Classroom™ ? Do you need a fun and engaging way for your students to practice these math facts and develop fluency? This self correcting interactive Google Classroom™ activity might be just what you need. Visit our store at Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Dojo for more great classroom resource.

Students will click on a symbol on the home page and be taken to a random slide with an addition fact. Students will find the answer to the addition fact, record their answer, and check their work by touching or clicking their answer. If the student clicks on a correct answer, a slide with “Way to Go!” will pop up. If the student clicks on an incorrect answer a slide with “Try Again, You’ll Get It Next Time” will pop up. Common Core and CGI Problem Types are included.
Students can tally correct answers on the tally slide projected on an interactive white board, if you wish or you can copy the black and white points slide for students to use.

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