Sales Tax. Ready or Not. Here it Comes.

    Ouch, that is a touchy subject. The question is what are you going to do? Even though I consider myself some what of a Super Man. Yes, I can leap a pile of dirty laundry and I am still faster than a toddler,  I'm no match when it comes to the sales tax issue.
    But that doesn't mean I don't have a considered opinion about this. And I am against it being levied on the online market. I don't like it that I will be paying tax on things from Amazon, movie tickets and all of the other stuff I buy to have delivered. Thanks Wayfair!
     Now to the issue that has the greatest impact on me. Teachers Pay Teachers choosing to remain a market place and avoid the sales tax issue. But to be fair, if TpT would change to a publisher and collect the sales tax that may mean TpT would have to clean up the copy right violations found on the site. 
     Many of you have found Teachers Dojo. This business considers itself as a publisher and beginning January 1, 2019 will collect and remit the sales tax to the proper state. One less thing for the teachers author to worry about, which is a good thing. And the teacher author retains ownership of their work and resource, which is another good thing. One last thing I am under the belief that Teachers Dojo is trying to keep the products that are copyright off the sight, that is a good thing too. One of the best things about trying to restrict the copyright products is that I have enough competition with the great teacher authors that are out there now. I can't compete with the conglomerate publishers that are in the market.
    Ouch, sorry, back to the touchy subject of Sales Tax, the best suggestion I can make is do contact your congressional representative and express your thoughts. Before signing a petition online, do read the petition and see if it will be sent to your congressional representative. On the local note, contact a couple of local tax preparers and ask about their ability to prepare different state sales tax filings. 
     In the mean time, keep selling and don't stop trying. Sales tax has been around for years and years and now it has landed on your doorstep or maybe I should say your keyboard.

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